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Welcome to the Anxiety Disorders Laboratory at Western Michigan University. Here you can find information about our lab members, our current research, and a list of recent publications / professional presentations by the Anxiety Disorders Laboratory Team.



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C. Richard Spates, Ph.D., Director

Laboratory Director 

Dr. C. Richard Spates is Professor of Psychology and Director of the Anxiety Disorders Laboratory. He earned his Ph.D. degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of Illinois Urbana. His clinical interests concern fear, anxiety, depression, and traumatic stress. Dr. Spates was Director of Clinical Training in Psychology at Western Michigan University from 1987-2007.


About Our Lab


Our projects include a variety of studies addressing anxiety and depression disorders. Our work concerns the treatment of specific disorders but as importantly it concerns conceptual issues relevant to the treatment of those disorders, i.e. mechanisms of action of interventions. We also seek to understand comorbidities between anxiety disorders and co-occurring conditions, i.e. PTSD /depression and substance abuse. We seek to discover what factors impede otherwise efficacious treatments, i.e. safety behaviors and their effects on Exposure Therapy. Finally we are interested in the efficacy of contemporary Behavior Therapies and in their mechanism(s) of action for targeted disorders.

In the past several years we have developed three computer guided interventions that target depression and PTSD. Product usability, treatment integrity, and initial efficacy studies  are either underway or recently completed for these programs. 

Whether you are a current student interested in the work of our laboratory, or a professional curious about some aspect of our research,we hope you will find the information on this site useful.

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